Bowls from Boards

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Nick shows you how to make a deep bowl from a flat board -- it's an extraordinary technique that saves you both time and money when turning bowls. All you need is a simple jig for your band saw that turns the boards into rings. Glue up the rings to form a rough bowl shape, then turn the shape on a lathe. But what makes this technique so remarkable is not its economy, but the possibilities it opens up. The boards don't have to be plain. They can be marvelously figured or intricately patterned, and their beauty will only be magnified when you reassemble them as a bowl. 16 pages in PDF format, step-by-step instructions, and plans for the necessary fixtures in both English and metric measurements. As a BONUS, you also get Nick's "Ring Calculator" to effortlessly figure angles and dimensions, and the plans for his popular Assembly Table -- an amazingly versatile clamping jig for gluing up wood assemblies.

2 PDF and 1 XLS