Tall & Horizontal Fences

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If you use a table saw, now and then you need a tall fence to properly support a board when cutting it on edge. But a tall fence has another use. It really shines when you use it to support a horizontal fence. This fence has a straight edge that protrudes out over the work, flush with the saw blade. Mark your work where you want to cut it, attach a straight edge along the marked line with double-sided carpet tape, and then guide the straight edge along the edge of the horizontal fence as you cut. It will cut the line easily and precisely. This set up vastly simplifies a remarkable number of otherwise complex operations. You can use it to cut tapers, odd angles, complex shapes, and duplicate parts. You can quickly straighten a warped, bowed, or live edge; adjust miters, or shave a whisker off an edge for a perfect fit. Includes plans for a simple tall fence, an adjustable tall fence, and a horizontal fence that will attach to either.